Somebody licked Payton's Cheez-It!

Johnjay & Rich CHRISTMAS WISH - Christina

Christina works tirelessly just to make ends meet for her and her family. They've struggled with paying bills...even homelessness. We're going to do our best to give them this family a bright and happy Christmas.

Let's all get freaky at a funeral!

HE HAD STAMINA IN THE 80s MAN! STAMINA... IN THE 80s! Today On The Show, we have an exclusive JOHNNY DEPP update, after all the ruffling around stops... Also, have you ever considered bringing a whole bottle of Bacardi on a date? This girl did! Plus, an ALL NEW CHRISTMAS WISH, Holiday Blockbuster Movie Line Game, Talkbacks, and SO MUCH MORE!

Johnjay and Rich CHRISTMAS WISH - Stephanie


What will Jake Van Es encounter working for Rosati's Pizza? Johnjay seems to think a SPECIAL DELIVERY is more than possible... likely even! TODAY AFTER THE SHOW, we discussed our delivery scandals and now we want to hear yours. DM US @johnjayvanes

Who here HATES their customers?

NOW IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE RETAIL WORKERS! If you'd like to share your story, we'll be taking your calls ALL WEEK! DM us @johnjayandrich and we can book you at a flexible time.
TODAY ON THE SHOW, Payton has some beef with Facebook people, quite frankly so does all of Gen Z sooooo.... ALSO, Noah was interviewed by a friend and THEY COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING, were they as high as Payton and Kadeem last week on Grant's podcast? Plus, an ALL NEW SECOND DATE UPDATE, and a special EXTENDED Stacks and Hacks with YOUR calls on ways you hurt yourself during the holidays! All of this and SO MUCH more today on Johnjay & Rich!

Johnjay & Rich Present: SECOND DATE UPDATE

Sam and Andre went out and SHE REALLY LIKED ANDRE but we've got a classic ghosting on our hands! TIME TO PUT THE DETECTIVE HATS ON for a WEDNESDAY EDITION of SECOND DATE UPDATE

Noah's Life Hack is Denial

YOU ARE STILL BROKE NOAH BUT KEEP TELLING YOURSELF YOU AREN'T! Today On The Show, Inflation vs. Fast Food, Payton and Noah have HOT TAKES! Also, a listener has beef with Kyle and an Afterwords segment from November had a Dentist in tears! Plus, a very special JOHNJAY AND RICH CHRISTMAS WISH, Talkbacks, and SO MUCH MORE!

When you go to Disneyland, RIDE THE RIDES!

TODAY AFTER THE SHOW, Nic finally spills the tea on his BROMANCE trip to Disneyland with the late, ex JJR Audio Ninja, Joey Nicole Bradfisch.

Johnjay and Rich CHRISTMAS WISH - Trisha

Tragedy struck Trisha's family in an unimaginable fashion just before Thanksgiving. Today, we try to bring some light into her family's life at the time they need it the most.