You can feel that something isn’t quite right with your life but you can’t put your finger on what it is. Fortunately, for you tho… today there will be a lightning flash of inspiration that highlights where you need to make changes.


It may not be your style to take too much for granted but you could easily slip into the trap of believing that everything will work out for the best when, sadly, that probably isn’t the case. Get real and start noticing what is really going on.


Someone who does not share your sense of fun may get irritated with you today because they see the current situation in an overly serious light. Don’t waste time trying to cheer them up – misery loves company.


The more you do for others over the next few days, the more they will expect from you over the rest of the week, so it’s honestly best to do nothing at all. You were not put on Earth to fetch and carry while everyone else takes it easy.


You can be a little bit pushy at times but if you try to force others to do your bidding today your efforts could backfire. Use your charm to persuade friends and family to see things and do things your way.


You are coming to the end of a difficult part in your life but there will still be times over the next few days where you are going to have to elevate your game and make sure rivals and competitors don’t get the better of you. You’re still Number One. Keep reminding yourself of that today


It is so important that you don’t allow negative thinking to creep into your life, because it will hold you back from pursuing your dreams. Make use of where you are right now and make the most of it. 


Today you’re going to run the risk of going over the top and making claims you have no way of knowing are true. Your enemies have been waiting for a chance to make you look bad – don’t hand it to them on a plate.


What looks like a lucky break today could turn out to be a double-edged sword, especially if you have persuaded yourself that you are 100 per cent correct and your opponents are 100 per cent wrong. They will enjoy proving you wrong so tread lightly


You’ve been obsessing about something over which you have only limited control and you must get beyond that and accept the world as it is. Think of all those times in the past you thought the world was ending… and it never did.


If a colleague tries to persuade you to do something you think won’t work then by all means tell them to get lost. But you need to make sure that you know for sure that they don’t know what they are doing. You don’t want to be the one who misses out.


You may not be the sort to go to extremes but what happens next will tempt you to ignore what your rational mind is telling you and act purely on emotion. That’s going to be a big mistake. The result will be a mess and the backlash won’t be long in coming.

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