Life seems to be just one mad thing after another but they are mainly the kind of mad things you enjoy- you won’t even care in the slightest. A somewhat eccentric friend or relative will bring more amusing mayhem into your life today. So get ready for some craziness today


A work-related issue needs to be dealt with immediately- like it’s gotta happen today. You will have to get tough with some of your coworkers but there is no reason why you should lose out because of their inability to do simple things properly. 


You need to be a leader rather than a follower today and your words will carry some authority. Choose them well because you don’t want something to come back and bite you in the butt.


It’s typical of you that you pretend to be tough when, deep down, your feelings are tender, maybe even a bit raw, but seriously… who are you fooling? It’s time to confide in someone you can trust, reach out to someone whose outlook on life is not so clouded by emotion.


You may be in two minds about how to deal with someone who has gone off the rails a little bit in recent weeks but if I’m going to be blunt here… why do you care? Let them get on with what they are doing, even if they make a mess of it.


You will clash with someone today whose outlook on life is about as different from yours as it is possible to get. You will just have to accept that there is no common ground between you and just go your separate ways. No need for more conflict in your life


You may be hugely ambitious but that does not mean you have to be confrontational. Things will really be on your side when it comes to your career the rest of the week- and you will get what you want simply by turning on the charm, of which you have plenty.


You may feel sorry for a friend who is going through a rough patch right now but they have only themselves to blame. You need to put on your big boy pants and call them out and let them know where they are going wrong and what they need to do to make things right again. 


Put on a show and stand out from the crowd today. You have more talent in your pinky finger than most people have in their entire bodies and there is no reason why you should hide it. 


The more you want from life the more you will need to join forces with people who share your goals. There are limits to what even a Capricorn can achieve on their own, so get your people together and take the world by storm.


You may be a nice guy by nature but you need to put on your game face today if you want to get important things done. Sometimes even nice guys have to accept that some people respond more to the stick than the carrot


Don’t worry too much if a friend or loved one is going through a trying phase in their private life, because they are tougher than they look. If they want you to help they will ask you but if they don’t ask… just stay out of the way and mind your business.

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