Video Shows Man Accidentally Eating Cadbury Creme Egg Worth $12,000

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Adam Davis is a YouTuber who shares videos about what life is like living in a van. He has footage about his travels and his troubles, but in a new video about the food he eats, Adam unintentionally wound up filming himself devouring a Cadbury Creme Egg worth over $12,000.

In the clip, Adam describes some snacks that he's recently gotten, among them apples and a Cadbury Creme Egg. He then eats the food on camera, starting with the Easter candy. After unwrapping it, he notices it strangely has two different colors to it, noting, "What the hell? Me egg looks like 'Terminator.'" He then pops it in his mouth and chews away at it.

What Adam didn't realize is that Cadbury launched a contest in which they released 280 half-white chocolate, half-milk chocolate eggs in the U.K., and anyone who finds one of them can claim a £10,000 prize - that's $12,190. It seems Adam ate one of those eggs.

According to the Independent, Adam said of the incident, "I didn't notice as it didn't taste any different to me. I was just hungry. I don't feel too bad about eating it. I mean who else can say they ate ten grand in 30 seconds. Money comes and goes but a story of an epic fail lasts a lifetime. But yeah, obviously the money would've been nice."

Davis thinks Cadbury should still award him something. He explained, "Cadbury should give me at least some of the prize money as a consolation prize. When you think about it, it's one less egg that someone else can find. To be fair though I had no idea the competition even existed so it's certainly not their fault. And if I had realized and sent it to them, there's every chance it would've been lost in the post anyway."

Cadbury hasn't yet commented on the issue.

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