The moon enters Virgo this morning, and it is going to push you to examine your habits and routines. But you will also be provided with an opportunity to correct any errors that you may have made within your personal or professional lives recently so definitely look into the mirror and acknowledge your mistakes or they will be taking up a lot of your head space. 


You'll be in a creative and outgoing mood today and these vibes are perfect for adding a little flair to your style… so don't be afraid of dressing to impress. Unfortunately though, your excellent taste and appearance could bring some unwanted attention and it will definitely cause some issues in your personal life. 


Your thoughts will be at home today and you will be reminded of memories from your past. This cosmic climate will be a nostalgic one, which just makes it a good time to indulge in your favorite foods, music, and hobbies from when you were younger. But remember that with good memories… there are also painful ones so just be aware of this and don’t head too far down memory lane. 


Try not to let yourself become overwhelmed by details or responsibilities this morning. You have a knack for correcting your mistakes so it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to try and right your wrongs. Just try not to get too carried away with your heart and idealistic tendencies.


The world around you will come alive with spiritual meaning and messages this morning. These vibes are perfect for connecting with the other side, so be sure to honor the universe while asking for guidance where it is needed. On the other side of things, today is also a great day to collect old debts or pay off your own. 


The moon enters your sign in the very hours this morning which just means your manifestations are going to hit hard today. Watch out for gaslighting or manipulative behaviors within your love life as it will be pretty easy to pull one over you. You also want to implement boundaries within your own heart if you're developing a new relationship because you Virgo’s tend to ignore all of the red flags if you’re into someone.


You'll be in a solitary and introspective mood today. This will ask you to review any issues that have been weighing on your mind, especially if you're in the process of some personal transitions. You might feel as if you are in auto-pilot within your daily tasks so it's just important that you find ways to stay alert and grounded.


Watch out for haters, frenemies, and power struggles within your social sphere this morning. These vibes can cause conflict, so try not to let your venomous side come out to play. Consider making up with any companions you may have had issues with before the day ends. 


Look for opportunities to be creative at work this morning. This cosmic climate will inspire you to live authentically, but try to be mindful of your audience and sense of professionalism. Projects, coworkers, or collaborators from the past may begin to resurface within your career path so be ready for them. If you begin to feel your focus or motivation slip, you may want to call it an early day in favor of relaxing at home.


Your psychic abilities will be amplified today. You could feel overwhelmed by the thoughts and emotions of others this morning so remember to maintain healthy boundaries with the people you love, but don't be afraid to use your heightened intuition to give advice when it's appropriate to do so. 


You'll be in a transactional mood today. This will put you in a hyper-efficient headspace, heightening your desire to handle business, close deals, and transform your life. You may need to monitor how you interact with others, as a harsh opposition between Venus and Neptune could cause you to rub others the wrong way. 


Brace yourself for some Mercury retrograde shenanigans today. This planetary placement could inspire an ex to reach out of the blue, but you also need to restrain yourself when it comes to contacting or lurking on exes. Try not to pressure yourself into making any decisions around love right now, giving yourself time to fully process your thoughts and feelings before making a move.

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