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Your Weekly Horoscopes - Week of September 18, 2023

It's time for your weekly horoscopes!

ARIES – All you have to focus on this week is being happy. Yes you have other things to do but focus on the happy. Your week is a 9.2

TAURUS – Setting the groundwork will always give a better result. Your week is a 7.2

GEMINI – Approach a new endeavor with an open heart and mind. No reason to be cynical. Your week is a 7.9

CANCER – You love to worry moonchild. You should be patient, not worried. Your week is a 7.0

LEO – Blaming someone else will get you nowhere this week, take accountability. Your week is a 7.1

VIRGO – You’ve been dragging around a problem that you keep putting off. Deal with it today. Your week is an 8.0

LIBRA- You have a natural way with people, use that to your advantage this week. Your week is a 9.4

SCORPIO – You have a very important work meeting approaching, take some time to ground yourself. Your week is an 8.7

SAGITTARIUS – You’ve been using an emotional bandage for too long, time to rip it off. Your week is a 7.5

CAPRICORN – You want to step into someone else’s argument to defend them and prove your loyalty. This is not your battle to fight. Your week is a 6.9

AQUARIUS – This week you will gain an ally rather than an enemy. Your week is an 8.7

PISCES – You will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment after you’ve accomplished your goal. Your week is a 9.7

How does your week look?

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