Listeners Are Shipping ‘Ranya’ & Want Tanya and Ryan Seacrest to Date

Listeners are shipping “Ranya” and want Ryan Seacrest and Tanya Rad to date and honestly, it’s hilarious.

“I’m calling because I want to be the leader of your guys’ campaign for Team Ranya,” a listener shared on-air. “For you and Tanya getting together.”

In case you missed it, according to multiple dedicated listeners and IG comments, people are on board with Seacrest and Tanya being an item.

“I think it would be the best thing,” the caller added. “It would make so many people happy. …I think it’s a match made in heaven. It’s like My Best Friend’s Wedding. What are you waiting for?”

Well, um, er... 😂  Watch back the funny on-air moment to see what Seacrest and Tanya think.