Did You Ever Wonder Where Billie Eilish's Instagram Handle Name Came From?


Billie Eilish is a name in music you should know by now. She's been working on her music since the age of 14, now at 17 she has a #1 album, performed at Coachella and she's basically everyone's girl crush.

If you follow her on Insta you know her handle is @wherearetheavocados. Which may leave you scratching your head. Well, I have clarification where that name comes from!


6 years ago she was home alone making a grilled cheese and was almost done, getting everything ready and wanted some avocado. So she opened the fridge and was like, "Where are the avocados?"

In her head she thought that'd be funny to make her handle, so she did! The rest is history. Just another example why Billie is so dang cool.


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