20 Christmas Movies Every '90s Kid Is Still Obsessed With


If there's one thing us Millenials don't mess around with it's our childhood movies (and shows, bet we'll save that for another article). So, when tasked with naming the Christmas movies that shaped my generation's views of the winter holiday, let's just say, I rose to the occasion. 

Scroll on down to see the 20 beloved Christmas movies 'us 90s babies are still obsessed with! 

1. Home Alone


2. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York


3. Home Alone 3


4. The Ultimate Christmas Present


5. I'll Be Home For Christmas


6. The Preacher's Wife


7. Elf


8. Jingle All the Way


9. Richie Rich's Christmas Wish


10. A Diva’s Christmas Carol


11. The Santa Claus


12. Jack Frost 


13. A Christmas Carol


14. Polar Express


15. Frosty Returns


16. How The Grinch Stole Christmas


17. Scrooged


18. To Grandmother's House We Go


19. The Nightmare Before Christmas


20. The Muppet Christmas Carol


Photo: YouTube


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