What "Invasive" Questions is Rob's Rabbi making him answer?!

This week's third wedding= Ted and Michael! We have less than 11 episodes until Rob gets married and we're just now realizing that we shouldn't be putting a TON of money into a honeymoon during the pandemic! Why is EB telling her friends to become religious and pray for a wedding change? We're also hearing all about the "invasive" questions Rob's rabbi is making him and Mallory answer before the ceremony! Can you answer them? Ted tells us about his wedding that almost got canceled without him knowing! What small touches do Ted and Michael hope to include in their wedding, like an outfit change and whose last name are they going with? THIS WEEK'S CHALLENGE: What celebrity would we want to perform at our weddings? In the AISLE PILE: a bridezilla with a grudge, a new Netflix show about choosing your dream house or dream wedding, Disney dresses and something special for the grooms to get emotional over!


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