Jeopardy Champion Talks working with Alex Trebek and Ken Jennings

Jeopardy Champion Zach Newkirk played games hosted by Alex Trebek, and then Ken Jennings... with a lot of COVID-time between. Now he's sharing what each host is like, and the moments he'll remember with each. PLUS giving us lots of behind the scenes info! Did you know they have the answers on a PAPER in front of them?! And they have to use a crayon! Zach also gives tips on how to get onto the show, and what he was worried would come up as a category!

I never thought I'd be so intrigued with a Jeopardy contestant, but this is one of my favorite chats in a while. I hope you agree! There's a lot about Zach that's likable, and I really love learning about how shows work behind the scenes, and what the application process is like!

On what Alex was like behind the scenes, Zach shares that even though there wasn't an audience because of COVID, Alex was still "taking questions from people in the back," was keeping the show going with its usual fast pace, and very personable. When Zach accidentally referred to Ken as Alex, it was no big deal! [And let's be honest, who would complain about being mistaken for such a lovely human?!]

Check out the full chat below, with some photos and a video of some of his journey!