Nicki Minaj Addresses Fans After She Made JT Recite Diss Track Aimed At Her

Nicki Minaj and JT

Photo: Getty Images

Nicki Minaj shared a very interesting moment with JT after she made the City Girl recite the diss track she aimed at her years ago.

On Monday, September 19, The Breakfast Club reacted to Nicki Minaj and JT's Instagram Live session over the weekend. During their viral conversation, Minaj had JT spit bars from the diss track she made about Nicki off the top of her head on Instagram Live several years ago. There was no shade involved with the New York rapper's request, especially after Minaj just recruited the Miami native for her "Super Freaky Girl" (QueenMix). Yet, both artist felt the need to clear the air with their fans.

"Y'all so delusional, EYE wanted to repeat the song I made in my car!" JT tweeted on Sunday. "We was LAUGHING the whole live like a phone convo... We talked about literally everything and it was all laughs."

"Man f**k these DUDS, babe," Nicki replied. "😩Everyone on the live KNOWS how DOPE it was from beginning2end. We were havin fun, bein silly. It’s a lil freestyle she was actually MAKING UP OFF THE TOP OF HER HEAD IN HER CAR. Since yall keep tryin to pull her down, ima go MAD hard for her. WATCH🤫"

Listen to what else JT had to say about the situation above.

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