Lizzo Posts Must-See Throwback Photo With Robert Pattinson On His Birthday

Photo: Getty Images

Lizzo posted the throwback to end all throwbacks in celebration of Robert Pattinson's 36th birthday. The "About Damn Time" singer shared a photo of the two together in a bar in 2010 captioning it, "Happy Birthday, Robert Pattison." Young Lizzo looks ecstatic to meet the Twilight heartthrob as she holds onto a fruity-looking cocktail in the packed bar. The singer first blessed the public with the iconic photo when a fan asked her to share a photo of "something random" back in December 2020.

While Lizzo hasn't offered up any details about the surprising photo, a Robert Pattinson fan account initially found the photo before the singer first shared it on her Instagram Stories. They claim to have found the photo while looking through MySpace and they wrote the photo was taken at a bar in Houston, Texas in 2010. The fan hilariously wrote "hey girl, is that you?" and tagged Lizzo. Later that year, the "Juice" singer shared the photo with her millions of followers.

Earlier this month, Lizzo was on the receiving end of a similarly shocking birthday shoutout from none other than Beyoncé. The songstress was surprised to see a rare baby photo of herself on the icon's website, where she regularly posts birthday shoutouts to her favorite celebrities with accompanying baby photos. “Beyoncé?! Where u get this pic?? I ain’t seen this since I was born," Lizzo wrote on Twitter.

Robert Pattison turned 36 on May 13, 2022, and is fresh off starring in the DC Comics hit The Batman alongside Zoë Kravitz. Fans of the franchise and the actor spent the day flooding Twitter with heartfelt, and viral, birthday wishes.

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