Selena Gomez Opens Up About 'Struggling To Get Out Of Bed' Some Days

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Earlier this month, Selena Gomez announced she co-founded Wondermind alongside her mom, Mandy Teefey, and Daniella Pierson. For those who don't know, Wondermind is an "innovative mental fitness company" that wants to create "a space to work it all out every day with candid conversations, physical tools, daily content, and a supportive community."

Over on Wondermind's Instagram on Tuesday (November 30), Gomez opened up about her own mental health struggles, as well as the tools she implements when she's having a bad day. "Sometimes I'm not good at it," Gomez said of taking care of her own mental wellbeing. "I'll just wake up and I struggle maybe sometimes just getting out of bed." 

"What helps me, first and foremost, is just picking up the phone and calling someone," she continued. "I constantly try to fill myself with knowledge of what it is that I am feeling and the triggers that happen to me. I think what really helps me understand myself a bit more is that I can take a step back and think of all the tools I've learned and try to implement them in my everyday life. That's usually what helps me."

Even though she says she hates working out, Gomez also listed it as a helpful tool for taking care of her mental health. "It is not fun, but I've been doing intense boxing classes recently, and it has really helped me get a lot of frustration but also just energy out and it feels so good," she shared.

When launching Wondermind, Gomez spoke to Entrepreneur magazine about why she wanted to bring the platform to life. "Something I've always tried to do in my career is make sure I lend my voice to places where it matters," she explained. "And I have to give my mom credit for that because she taught me everything." 

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