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By Caroline Aghajanian

Taylor Swift has been keeping fans guessing about her next album for a while … and now we finally have the big reveal!

Remember when Taylor announced her last album Red in a livestream in 2012? Well, we could possibly have a similar announcement for her upcoming release this Monday, August 18, 5 p.m. ET / 2 p.m. PT live from Yahoo!

Earlier this month, Taylor teased fans with the first clue of an Instagram video pressing the number 18 inside an elevator.

Just days later, the “22” singer shared the second clue of a photo of her iPhone background with her adorable cat, Olivia Benson, with the time 5:00.

One day later, Taylor shared clue No. 3 of a Yahoo! search bar.

The clues all added up perfectly in the 24-year-old’s twitter announcement Monday morning.


Fans are counting down the days on her website, and can watch it live here! Are you excited to hear Taylor’s special announcement?

Photo: Getty Images