Photo: Getty Images

By Kathleen Perricone

Kevin Hart may star in Think Like a Man Too, but when he faced his fears and rode a roller coaster on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this week, the screams he let out were not so manly.

But the actor called in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Friday morning to explain why he acted the way he did in the video that quickly went viral.

“Let me tell you why I’m afraid,” Kevin explained. “I don’t like the fact that I’m confined, yet that I’m still a little loose. I’m so small, even though the thing clamps me  down, when you’re going up and down, my body leans forward and it always feels like I’m about to come out. So the theory is I’m going to go on one of those loops and I’m going to fall out. Like I’m going to slip up under this thing and fall. If you look at that video, look at the way I’m holding on. My leg is wrapped around it … it’s like a little kid. It’s a fear, Ryan. It’s bad.”

In Think Like a Man Too, Kevin plays Cedric, who throws his bachelor party in Las Vegas.

“The best part is that we got to do it again,” he says of the sequel. “Think Like a Man 1 was a huge success. And going into part two and being able to get the whole cast, the director, the same producer, everybody comes back. And we wanted to come back bigger and better … We really amped up the male and female friendship side. You got to se the woman that can be friends, the men be friends, and then it comes back full circle when it’s time to get back to the actual relationship element of the film … I think the most refreshing thing was that we took a premise that has been done so many times and we made it new. People are not only going to laugh at it, they can relate to it.”

And people are most certainly going to laugh at Kevin’s character. Cedric, he says, is “a fool. I’m the only character that doesn’t progress in this film. Every character evolves, I digress … But it’s a nice ride we take the audience on.”

Think Like a Man Too is in theaters now!