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By Kathleen Perrricone

It’s been four years since Ryan first interviewed Kesha at the start of her career, and although she’s grown up so much since then, she insists really not that much has changed.

When he brought up that during their first chat she said she liked “dirty guys,” the “Timber” singer joked that’s still the case.

“I do, not like physically covered in dirt, but I just like them to be beardy and long hair and look like a little homeless,” she clarified when she called in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Friday. “I like guys who look like they don’t groom themselves. I’m not into guys who are very high-maintenance. I don’t want them to take longer to get ready than me.”

Next up for Kesha is her ABC singing competition, Rising Star, which premieres this Sunday at 9/8c.

“It is a singing show … it is kind of amazing and genius and revolutionary, which is the reason I was drawn to work with them,” she explains. “They use apps. You just download an app, it’s free, and then America gets to vote and it’s instantly gratifying. There’s no waiting for the results. You know in two minutes and thirty seconds if a contestant makes it or breaks it. And everybody at home can press yes or no. It’s so easy and so simple, and yet so genius using technology to the fullest.”

And although it’s the viewers who vote for the competition, Kesha — as well as her co-experts Ludacris and Brad Paisley – all get 7% of the vote to decide if the contestant will continue on in the competition or be sent home.

“I just vote the same way that you guys vote,” she explains. “Once they go through, then we get to talk to them and mentor them and kind of bring out the best in them and help explain what to do.”

Another exciting aspect in Kesha’s life right now is her new boyfriend, Brad Ashenfelter.

While a lot of celeb couples have nicknames, Kesha and Brad don’t have an official moniker just yet, although “I saw one, my personal favorite, was ‘Bradsha,’” she joked. ‘”He’s really, a really sweet human being. I’m very happy to have him in my life. That’s way too much information for American to know. But I’m really happy with my beard.”

Rising Star, which will also be hosted by Josh Groban, premieres this Sunday on ABC at 9/8c.