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By Marc Inocencio

Lois Lowry‘s ’90s classic book The Giver, as you may already know, is making its way to the big screen. The film adaptation of the best-selling novel tells a riveting story of a society wiped clean of human sentiments.

To get a better understanding of the complex storyline — filled with metaphors that you probably attempted to dissect in middle school — On Air with Ryan Seacrest spoke with actress Katie Holmes, who briefly explained the problem beneath the Utopian veneer.

“It’s about this alternate reality where it’s this community where people take injections everyday to numb their emotions, and they live in a very structured, yet sterile environment,” Katie says. “And I play the mother of Jonas, who is selected to be the receiver of actual real human memories. It’s a powerful movie because you see visually, this world that’s such a bubble, yet safe, and then you watch this character experience such euphoria, but also such extreme pain.”

The 35-year-old, who tells Ryan that her kryptonite is a Mrs. Fields cookie bar, posed in a denim jacket and jeans while she seductively revealed her cleavage for Glamour magazine‘s August issue. In another photo, Katie ditched the upper half of her Canadian tuxedo and went topless.

But does she like the denim-on-denim look on guys? “Um, yeah,” she stammers. “I really do. I think it’s a great look. I thought it made the comeback. I’ve been doing it for a while now, thinking that it had come back.”

Photo: Tom Munro/Glamour

“Being in a movie [The Giver] with Meryl Streep was a huge dream come true,” she told the magazine back in July. “When the cameras rolled, she was spot-on and such a pro. It was just a thrill to walk on set with her.”

The Giver, which also stars Jeff Bridges and pop-country superstar Taylor Swift, is out in theaters on August 15.

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