By Kathleen Perricone

On On Air with Ryan Seacrest,Ryan and Ellen K. talk a lot about dating, but on Tuesday morning’s show, they got to talk to a real expert on the topic.

Glamour‘s “Jake” called in to chat about how the art of dating has been somewhat lost over the years. In fact, the magazine has deemed this Saturday, June 28,  #GlamourDateNight to encourage people to get out there and have a real date.

Although his dating advice is real, his name isn’t truly Jake. (There have actually been many different “Jakes” at Glamour since 1956.) So then what is this Jake’s real name? He won’t tell us! “Does Bruce Wayne walk around saying, ‘Hey, everybody guess what I do at night? I fight crime under this name Batman!’ No, of course not.”

As for the dating scene these days, “it’s kind of sad,” says Jake. “It’s boiled down to text messages, ‘let’s meet up at a thing’, and ‘all my friends are going to be there.’ I’m kind of a traditional guy. I like to invite a girl to dinner, I like to pay for diner, and I like to get to know someone. I just feel like in this whole era we’re living in now, the date has kind of died, and it makes me sad.”

One piece of advice that surprised us is Jake’s insistence that a date be short and sweet … even if you both are having a great time! ”No marathon dates, even if it’s going great,” he says. “Just say, ‘Hey this has been really fun, let’s meet again.’ And leave him wanting more is always better.”

As for #GlamourDateNight this Saturday, Jake explains, ”We’re basically just encouraging people to go on an actual date. Check out in the current issue our rules for dating. We’re just saying, ‘Hey, go out on a real one-on-one date, no group activities.’ One on one, get to know somebody. I think there are a lot of  restaurant discount that we’re offering from Glamour … all of this is on our website,”

One of Jake’s biggest rules? ”I am definitely anti-phone on the date,” he says. “Just leave your phone in your pocket … look, if this is the person you’re going to get into a relationship with, and maybe marry one day, do you want to tell that maybe someone else is more important to them?”

While we had Jake on the phone, a listener named Laura called in to ask a very important question: How do you keep a guy interested after the first date?

“I think guys want a little bit of mystery and I think they want to be the one who is pursuing. They want to be kind of chasing after you. So I think play it a little bit cool. You might play it a little bit cooler than you want to. You don’t let him know, ‘Let’s go on another date immediately.’ Step back a little bit and let him come to you … if he doesn’t, then maybe he’s not interested.”

For more on #GlamourDateNight, check out the magazine’s site here!