By Marc Inocencio

After dropping several obvious hints via Twitter, One Direction finally released their Mission Impossible-themed commercial for their new fragrance, You & I.

The television spot for their new scent — named after a single off their Midnight Memories album — finds the five-piece boy band channeling their inner James Bond and repelling into a high-security vault where the light-pink perfume bottle sits.

As soon as all five members set their eyes on the fragrance bottle, they lose 007-cool and comedically get into a melee for the perfume.

Their “You & I” fragrance is available for pre-order before its August 20 release.

Check out the five best moments from their “You & I” fragrance ad:

1. When the boys immediately went into combat mode once they saw the perfume bottle


2. When Niall Horan pulled of Zayn Malik‘s shoe …


3. And got a whiff of his foot


4. When Harry Styles let down his luscious locks


but somehow ended with a ponytail (and spun out of control)


5. And in the final scene when they completely failed on their mission