Ed Sheeran is brilliant. If his music doesn't throw that at you enough, his response to all of that 'Most Important Name in Black and Urban Music' title backlash will.We told you how the ginger singer won the epic title a few days ago, courtesy of an "urban music" radio station in the U.K. While we totally get where they're coming from, a lot of people and artists didn't understand why he won at all. Instead of not saying anything about the win, Ed responded to all of the negativity on Twitter."Listen with ears, not eyes," he posted. How true is that? Really.The world just needs to realize that white dudes can get down in the "urban and black" music category too. Just ask Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber about that...Ed's new album X is currently blowing up the charts. His latest single "Sing" was produced by Pharrell. Do you think he deserves the title he won?