(Yahoo!) - Zac Efron's smile is back! Well, almost.

After breaking his jaw last month, the "That Awkward Moment" actor Instagrammed a picture on Sunday with the CEO and owner of the Indianapolis Colts, Jim Irsey, showing off his pearly whites and writing, "Thank you Jim for a truly memorable trip to Indie - congrats on the win, @Colts! –Z"

The actor slipped in a puddle outside his home on Nov. 10, and wound up with his jaw wired shut and stitches from a gash. This came just two months after Zac revealed he'd completed two stints in rehab.

The 26-year-old posed for a slew of selfies throughout the day, with fans and Colts players alike. Throughout most of them, he looks happy … if not in a little bit of pain. With a closer look, the smile is a little bit more crooked than usual, and there's a bit of a pained strain in Zac's eyes.

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